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Ajax4jsf has turned one and what a year it has been. It was an amazing ride for all of us here at Exadel. The popularity of Ajax4jsf is evidenced by the size of the community, available resources, examples, blog entries, and articles. Also, a significant number of organizations today use Ajax4jsf in production. Ajax4jsf is an open source extension to JavaServer Faces (JSF) that adds AJAX capability to JSF applications without requiring the writing of any JavaScript. So, after wishing Ajax4jsf and those who have worked on it a heartfelt "Happy Birthday," let's take the time to reflect on this whirlwind of a year. The Road to Ajax4jsf First, we'll look at the technological situation preceding the birth of Ajax4jsf. In doing this, we'll look at the "jsf" piece, then the "Ajax" piece, and finally the "4" piece. JSF JavaServer Faces is a standard component-based user int... (more)

Exadel Studio JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse New Version 1.0.1

Today we released Exadel Studio JavaFX plug-in for Eclipse version 1.0.1. Here is what’s new in this version: New icons (screen shots - this was a previous minor update) Updated menu actions (now available directly on the perspective) Compiled with JDK 1.5 for Mac OS support Applet deployment has been updated to create exactly the same deployment structure if you were to run javafxpackager from the command line Fixed bug where compiler would run twice if there was an error Line numbers in JavaFX script editor Other bug fixes How to get started? Download it here (click on Download... (more)

RichFaces Region

The a4j:region tag in RichFaces is probably one of the most misunderstood tags, but it provides one of the most important features in RichFaces. With it, server-side processing can be limited to only certain designated components. One reason for misunderstanding could be the tag name. Many believe that the region tag limits what is rendered in the JSF component tree (to the browser). However, it’s used for the opposite purpose, to mark areas on the JSF component tree to be processed on the server during the Apply Request Values, Process Validations, and Update Model Values phase... (more)

Enterprise JavaFX

This article is also posted on JavaLobby.com This is a guest post by Anton Polyakov. Anton is Senior Developer at Exadel, he describes our experience building a JavaFX front end for a Seam booking application. JavaFX is new tool set for developing and delivering Rich Internet Applications or RIAs. JavaFX 1.0 was released in December 2008, and JavaFX 1.2 was released in June 2009. As these new releases have rolled out, the JavaFX community has been growing fast. This growth has produced a large selection of resources, articles, blog posts, books, and extension projects. Over this... (more)

Ajax in RichFaces 3.3, JSF 2 and RichFaces 4

During my RichFaces session at JBoss World 2009, I showed three small examples of using Ajax with RichFaces 3.3, JSF 2, and RichFaces 4. I thougth it would be a good idea to show you the difference or more correct the similarities between the three. I will be blogging more about RichFaces 4 and JSF 2 so this is just a quick introduction. I will show a small “Echo” application. There is one input field and as as you type, the input is echoed on the next line. On another line, the length of the string entered is counted. It looks like this: RichFaces 3.3 more)